If I sell something to someone not in Florida, do I have to charge tax?

Congratulations! Your Goth line is a hit in Transylvania and now you can barely keep up with orders but are those orders subject to tax?

There is no tax due on items that a dealer (meaning you) ship to your customer who doesn’t live in Florida. Even if the billing address is in Florida, there is no tax due because the mailing address is outside of Florida and taxation is determined by where the customer takes possession of the item.

Click here to find out what you need to keep on hand as proof that you shipped your items out of state.

You can check out more about out of state sales aka exports here under Rule 12A-1.0015, F.A.C.

Special note: Big boy toys like boats, vehicles, and aircraft are taxed if they are not shipped out of Florida within a certain timeframe – you can read about those here under Rule 12A-1.007, F.A.C.

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