Where’s my sales tax certificate and booklet???

It’s the beginning of the year and you still haven’t got your goodies in the mail yet – well there are three things that could’ve happened:

  1. You have the wrong mailing address with FDOR – they do change if USPS says your address isn’t any good for whatever reason and nothing from FDOR is forwarded if you move so make sure to update your address with FDOR or;
  2. You volunteered to file electronically when you completed the DR-1 (Florida Business Tax Application) and trust me a LOT of people forget they had done so or did so without realizing what they were actually doing. Happens all the times ladies and gents or;
  3. You have joined the elite group of taxpayers that are required by FDOR to file electronically – so no certificate in the mail, you’ll have to print that from their website and no booklet in the mail, you’ll have to file returns electronically now.

Give FDOR a call at 1.800.352.3671 (make sure you have a magazine handy while you wait on hold) to ask if any of the three have happened – the address can be updated over the phone but you’ll have to submit a waiver request if you’re wanting to no longer be required to file electronically (and that waiver request can can be denied).

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