Is My Home/Office Cleaning Service Taxable?

Cinderella decides to take her cleaning skills to the next level and go into business for herself – but if she decides to move to Florida to do it, will she need to charge taxes on her services? You already know the FDOR’s favorite answer: It depends.

Residential Services:

If Cinderella decides to clean homes, apartments, condos, any type of sleeping accommodation buildings, she will not have to charge taxes for her cleaning services. She will have to be pay tax on her cleaning supplies though.

Non-residential Services:

If Cinderella decides to mix it up and clean offices, hotel lobbies, warehouses, any type of area where business activities are typically held, she will have to charge sales tax. However, there are three exceptions that Cinderella may want to look into:

  1. Carpet cleaning is not taxable
  2. Pressure cleaning the exterior of a building is not taxable
  3. Cleaning buildings owned by nonprofit organizations that provide their current Florida Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption (DR-14) is not taxable.

But, she’ll still need to pay taxes on her cleaning supplies.

You can get more info about the taxation of residential and non-residential cleaning services here.

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