What proof do I need to show I shipped my sales out of Florida?

Good question, especially if you’re ever audited *gasp* and any of the below will work as proof that you shipped your sales out of Florida:

  1. Internal delivery orders listing item(s) sold, mailing address, and delivery date (with proof of expenses due to the delivery i.e. trip tickets signed by the person who delivers the item).
  2. United States Postal Service parcel post receipts with supporting documentation listing the item(s) and mailing address
  3. Common carriers’ receipts, bills of lading, or other proof of mailing address
  4. Export declaration
  5. Receipts from a licensed customs broker
  6. Proof of export signed by a customs officer.

You can read more about proof of shipping out of state (aka exports) here, under 12A-1.0015(2)(c), F.A.C.

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